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The Innocorps water purification system packs all of the capabilities of a municipal water treatment plant into a sustainable product the size of a refrigerator.

These smart systems are composed of multiple treatment stages arranged in a specific order to ensure high-quality output regardless of where your water is sourced. This includes purifying greywater for reuse or discharge (additional equipment may be required), or converting surface or groundwater into clean potable water.

Not only will our treatment system remove any bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals (like lead or iron) from your water, but it will also improve its taste, smell, and clarity.

Our advanced water treatment solutions brings simple and effective resilience to mining camps, remote communities, farms and ranches, and individual homes.

Smart Water Treatment
in a Small Box

The StratoPro Advanced Water Treatment Series is an ideal system for your home,  farm, camp, or community as it prevents staining on appliances, sinks, and clothes caused by high iron levels—no more ugly brown rings in your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, and no more discoloration of your clothes when you wash them!

Low maintenance - High Performance

Anyone who lives in a household with high-iron-content water knows all too well how iron water can discolor hair to a rusty, orange color. StratoPro certifies that you can treat your water with little hassle and low maintenance, as our treatment system requires minimal replacement parts; you need only replace major membranes and activated carbon roughly every five years.

Outstanding automation capability

Sensors tracking temperature, pressure, and flow ensure your system is operating correctly, and StratoPro’s automation capability grants you total control over the quality and quantity of your treated water. Additionally, StratoPro is equipped with the StratoCloud monitoring system, which gives you access to the parameters of your water from anywhere, on any device. This state-of-the-art smart water technology brings you the independence of a safe, secure, and environmentally conscious treatment method directly under your supervision.

Here at Innocorps, we strive to provide you with trust, automation, and verification of your water condition.

StratoPro Advanced Water Treatment guarantees reliability that allows you to focus on your operations, while beginning your path to a sustainable future.

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