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State of the Art Smart Water Technology

StratoPro Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) is Innocorps' revolutionary smart treatment system that reliably treats your water. Use AWT to purify your grey water so you can reuse or discharge it without harming the environment; or use it with your surface or ground water to create drinking water. Trust your water quality and supply, enabling your sustainable future.

Trust Your Water

StratoPro is loaded with pressure, flow, and temperature sensors so you can always trust your system is operating properly

Automate Your Water Security

Automation allows you to always have complete control over the quality and quantity of your water

Verify Your Water

Our StratoCloud monitoring system allows you to verify every key parameter of your water, from anywhere, on any device

Create your sustainable future with the capabilities of an advanced municipal water treatment facility directly under your control, automatically


Removes organic matter, pharmaceutics, iron, and manganese

Activated Carbon

Removes volatiles, bad tastes, foul odours, and heavy metals such as lead


Clarifies water by filtering out suspended solids and microbials

Ultraviolet Disinfection

The final backup step for complete disinfection of your water

We are committed to bringing you clean drinking water.
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