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We are committed to a future where clean water is accessible to everybody.

Every day, we are creating technologies to provide the sustainable necessities for life.


The initial founding of Innocorps Research, when co-founders Aarya Shahsavar (CEO), Alexander Chan (CTO), Adam Clark, and later, Dawson James, were still attending the University of Saskatchewan.

Aarya, Alexander and Adam, assigned themselves the mission of ensuring accessibility to safe water for all, even in the harshest environments. The early years started on bench-top scale pilots of technologies in a garage to treat and purify poor quality wastewater in the industrial sector. With the addition of Dawson to the team as a co-founder, Innocorps' core team that developed electrically powered HDH was created. By 2015, more team members were added to take that technology from bench-top to large scale prototypes. The efforts succeeded in generating patents on these technologies in five countries and regions.


Our company’s goals were shifted from industrial wastewater to focus on creating technologies to produce potable and non-potable water for households, small communities, mobile military operating bases, and mining camps.

Our team also expanded to include additional members who are committed to the mission of providing clean water and sustainable sourcing for the future and all people they serve. Together, this team has developed two new market ready products with a third on the way in the near future.


Our future in sustainability is bright, and we plan to continue making a positive impact on industries and individuals without access to traditional municipal water treatment facilities.

The intention of Innocorps purification systems is for our clients to create their own sustainable water independence and operate a reliable method of environment-safe treatment, so they can focus on what they do best. We are currently working to expand our organization in the local market of Saskatoon, with the support of the surrounding tech community. At Innocorps, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions and providing clean drinking water for life, with smart water treatment in a small box.

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